Innovative shock absorption technology tested according to EN1317/1-3 and CE certified according to EN1317/5


SOLOSMART® 100 is a parallel geometry impact attenuator (crash cushion) of level 100 - D1 - Z1 according to EN 1317-3 and is redirective in case of side impact. It is primarily intended for applications in urban areas.

The EAP system absorbs the energy released during an impact while the central panels slide individually on the monorail anchored to the ground. The dual monorail allows the attenuator to remain intact, safely redirecting the stricken vehicle and preventing any lateral or vertical movement of the attenuator.

After the crash, SOLOSMART® is highly reusable. Its simple and innovative design allows for consistent re-use and low spare parts costs.

SOLOSMART® 100 can be connected to the following devices if required

  • double-wave metal barrier
  • concrete or new jersey barrier

The advantages of SOLOSMART® 100 :

  • Quick and easy installation on concrete slab
  • Possibility of fixing directly onto asphalt (see installation instructions to download opposite)
  • Fixing on a monorail base, without cables or chains
  • Low replacement cost of spare parts
  • Small footprint of 840 mm (width)
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel, fire resistant (class 0)

Technical data


• System delivered pre-assembled (except the cover)
• Quick and easy installation on concrete or asphalt 
• Economical system due to the EAP technology (lightens the system)
• Connection to steel or concrete guardrails
• Low ground occupation
• Fixation on two independent rails, without cable or chain
• Crash cushion tested according to EN 1317/1-3 and CE certified according to EN 1317/5
• Other reusability of the majority of the elements after impact, low replacement cost of the spare parts
• Cover available in two colors: grey/yellow. Possibility to change the color of the reflective strips.


Dimensions : L= 5900 mm / W = 840 mm / H= 940 mm

Weight : 880kg

Product view


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