Bridge steel railing

All of the vehicle restraint systems (VRS) presented below are designed specifically for bridges and are used to keep a vehicle safely on the road and provide active protection for pedestrians and vehicle occupants. Certified NF (French standard) or CE marked (EN 1317), all these products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified production units.

They are also anchored using non-through anchors or chemical seals (an ETA of the fixing is mandatory and must be provided by the manufacturer).

The choice of a restraint system on a structure must take into account the following particularities:

  • a reduced width geometry and the existence of a lateral void
  • a particular longitudinal and transverse profile before and after the crossing
  • a particular traffic flow (wall effect, driver's eyes attracted elsewhere, more difficult water drainage, formation of ice and increased sensitivity to wind, etc.)
  • architectural choices, more or less compatible with safety aspects
  • the anchoring area of the device and in particular the treatment of the passage of the pavement joints
  • whether or not pedestrians pass through

In addition to the containment level adapted to the risk incurred, the main performance criterion for structures will be dynamic deflection. In the case of a pedestrian crossing, a pedestrian parapet must be integrated behind the system to prevent the risk of pedestrians falling

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