Crash cushions

Crash cushions certified according to EN 1317-3 are usually installed in front of an obstacle (bridge pier, divergent, low walls, ...). They are able to brake, stop and/or redirect a vehicle in distress.

NEW: SOLOSAR® now offers a brand new, fully CE certified range of high-tech crash cushions with numerous advantages that meet the concerns of users, managers and road installers. All our products are designed to safely redirect the vehicle in distress and avoid any lateral or vertical movement of the crash cushion.

The SOLOSAR® range is now available in two complementary families:



The Austrian manufacturer of high-performance restraint systems has given SOLOSAR® exclusive distribution rights for its crash cushions in France and the Benelux countries.

SOLOSAR® is qualified to carry out storage, pre-assembly of the devices and maintenance in order to provide its customers with a complete service. The voestalpine range is fully redirective, parallel or trapezoidal in shape and covers all performance levels of EN 1317-3.

  • Available in parallel and trapezoidal versions
  • Entirely made of steel, without cables and without non-recyclable materials
  • Quick and easy to install on concrete or asphalt slabs
  • Ultra-simple repair 
  • High safety for road users


voestalpine APD parallel crash cushion
voestalpine APD trapezoidal crash cushion



also offered and pre-assembled by SOLOSAR® , this family of parallel devices is equipped with an energy absorption system called EAP. The double monorail allows the attenuator to remain stable.