Reference: GS4 P

A CE range based on French NF components


GS4 PERFORMANCE is an N2-W5-A level road safety barrier designed and developed by SOLOSAR and CE marked according to EN 1317 and 100% compatible with French NF systems.

The GS4P guardrail is a single sided roadside barrier based on the French GS4 NF.

The GS4P has been developed with a view to performance and suitability for French generic products.


Certified transitions available on the following products: GS4-NF / GS2-NF / GRC-NF / GS2P


The system is composed of identical NF components, except for the bolts which have been optimised to ensure better operation. A dedicated screw connection between the rail and the spacer and the bracket now eliminates the risk of spacer ejection known on the GS4 NF.

The operating width of the GS4P is reduced by one W class compared to the French GS4 NF.




Technical data


Post: C100-NF in S235 JR steel

Post length: 1,50 m

Post spacing: 4 m

Weight / lm: 16,5 kg

Tested length: 92 m 

Length of a end ramping terminal: 12 lm

Type of post: profile AF-NF in S235 JR steel.

CE mark: 1826-CPD 10-02-05-DR02


Available in 2 m post interdistance: GS2 PERFORMANCE

Product view


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