Reference: GCU

French standard road restraint system


The French GCU-NF guardrail is a product of the French State. This product is a simple roadside barrier suitable for particular points such as connections or obstacle isolations. This product is the most rigid in the range.

The single lane system is made up of a row of type A beams, linked to mechanically welded spacers and mounted on double C125 + C100 type posts spaced every 2 lm.

Minimum installation length according to NF P98-417: 100 m recommended for level N2.

Distance (D1) between the rear of the GCU and the obstacle: 0.90 m ≥ D1 ≥ 0.60 m

Rigidification principle: GS4 /GS2 / GRC / GCU

Components of the system manufactured according to the French NF P98-415 (02/2018) and NF P98-416 (07/2018) standards.

Technical data


Post:  C100-NF and C125-NF in S235 JR steel

Length: 1,50m or 2m

Beam profile:  AF-NF profile in S235 JR steel (Also available in BF-NF profile in 235 JR steel)

Weight per lm for AF-NF profile with 1,5m post: 28 kg

Post spacing: 2 m

Product view

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