ULTRAGUARD™: a global innovation for road safety

ULTRAGUARD™ : First highly retroreflective coating for all vehicule restraint systems


ULTRAGUARD™ is a combination of a specially formulated water-based paint and high-reflective glass beads that can be applied vertically to all type of road restraint systems (guardrails, concrete barriers, mobile safety barriers, etc.).

It provides a glare-free, three-dimensional, continuous perception of the roadway, like an Ariane's thread, guiding road users in darkness and in bad weather, thus ensuring, better safety.

ULTRAGUARD™ provides continuous retro-reflective lines at eye-level, defining road geometry. It has been developed to be used in addition of the road marking to give the driver a full perception of the road. 



• Increase reaction time: it allows drivers to increase their reaction time to obstacles and dangerous driving conditions.

• Enhances depth perception and road awareness: guides drivers more effectively through changes in road direction or curves.

• Non-polluting: avoids the phenomenon of light pollution (no lighting columns, no upward reflection of light, no disturbance of the human sleep cycle or insects cycle).

• 0 accidents= operational savings: ULTRAGUARD™ makes barriers highly visible to road users in all weather conditions. With a reduction in accidents, there is no need to frequently replace road restraint systems. Interventions are limited and the cost is reduced.

• High visibility: it allows high visibility of curves, central islands, construction sites, tunnels, unlit roads and especially in adverse weather conditions.

• Durability: ULTRAGUARD™ is a low profile marking protected from the wear and tear experienced by road marking. The glass beads protect the paint and increase the durability of the marking.


To sum up: there is no other pavement delineation system on the market today at a comparable price that offers the same high level of safety that drivers need.

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