SOLONATURE® round fixed bollard for embedding


Reference: SN-45 01 10


A classic for demarcating pedestrian and traffic zones. Our autoclaved class 4 wooden bollards, guaranteed for 10 years, are to be embedded in the ground and will enable you to create areas where parking is prohibited.



  • Solid wood: aesthetic appeal and durability
  • Benefits: constant safety reinforced by factory-fitted retroreflective film
  • Installation: to be embedded in concrete block
  • Installation instructions: lay in dry concrete - check straightness with a spirit level.
  • Complies with the French Order of 18 September 2012 relating to technical requirements for the accessibility of roads and public spaces.
  • Similar products: see removable bollards, RICANTO reinforced bollard

Technical data


Solid wood log: class 4 autoclaved Scots pine in accordance with EN 335, guaranteed for 10 years against rotting.

Retroreflective film: class 2 - pre-assembled on the log

Overall dimensions: diam. 140 mm x 1.50 m (height)

10x45° chamfer

Made-to-measure: cut to size, different diameters, etc. - please consult us

Typical application: restricting access to motorised vehicles on green lanes, cycle paths and other pedestrian routes, insulating obstacles, etc.


Custom-made products available on request: click here to contact us please.

Product view

borne fixe - détails




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