ULTRAGUARD™: in the department of Drôme

🇬🇧📍This is a first time in France with a Departmental Council! 

The Departmental Council of the Drôme chose to have our ULTRAGUARD™ innovation applied to a road restraint system to provide safety for road users. Indeed, our teams applied more than 400 lm of ULTRAGUARD™ in an unlighted area above a railroad track with a 90° curve. 

➡️ Why? 

🔥 ULTRAGUARD™ will allow, thanks to the combination of its specially formulated water-based paint and its high reflective microbeads to :

👉 Actively guide the driver through curves and changes of direction without electrical energy and in all weather conditions
👉 Reduce the risk of accidents on this country road
👉 Increase the time of anticipation and perceive in advance the profile of the road 

Thank you to our customer for their trust 🙏 ✅

If you are interested in this innovative solution, do not hesitate to contact us! 📞

👉 Alexandre von Bandel & Abdelhalim BENMAAMAR