The Heintzmann group and SOLOSAR offers trought the trademark SOLOSTOP® high security solutions which serve as effective protection against objectionable vehicles for several fields of application such as:

  • Highly frequented public places
  • Public buildings (stadiums, museums, detention centers)
  • Political institutions (embassies, parliaments)
  • Airports and train stations 
  • Shopping centers
  • Sensitive business areas (financial centers, data centers, headquarters of companies)
  • Energy sectors (nuclear power, oil and gas)
  • Military facilities


Our range SOLOSTOP®:

  • Blocking bollards
  • Blocking barriers
  • Segment barriers


Here are some examples of the different high security products installed by us in the world: 



Its systems are effective security solutions for buildings and public spaces: 

  • HIGH LEVEL OF SAFETY: restrains trucks driving at 80 km/h (the proposed products have the highest restraint level on the market DOS K12).


  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS: fixed or retractable solutions for temporary or permanent protection.
  • FAST PROTECTION: bollards and barriers are activated very quickly in case of emergency.
  • ACCESSIBILITY OF ACCESS ROUTES: emergency passages and exits remain free of access.
  • AESTHETICS: stainless steel and lighting give the products a high quality character.