Crash cushions certified according to EN 1317-3 are usually installed in front of an obstacle (bridge pier, divergent, low walls, ...). They are able to brake, stop and/or redirect a vehicle in distress.

SOLOSMART® is equipped with a system for absorbing the energy released during impact, known as EAP, while the central panels slide individually on the monorail anchored to the ground. The dual monorail allows the attenuator to remain stable, safely redirecting the crashing vehicle and preventing any lateral or vertical movement of the attenuator.

The entire SOLOSMART® range is redirective and designed for all roadways: 50, 80, 100 and 110 km/h levels with the same components.

After impact, SOLOSMART® is highly reusable. Its simple and innovative design allows a consequent re-use and low costs related to spare parts.

  • pre-assembled by SOLOSAR and ready to install on site
  • Quick and easy installation on concrete slab
  • Can be fixed directly into the asphalt
  • Fixed on a monorail base, without cables or chains
  • Low replacement cost of spare parts
  • Optimum performance/cost ratio